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The Haunted Ride is a podcast dedicated to helping you embrace your paranormal experiences and your highest spiritual self.


Let's face it, our life is a journey, and in it plenty of unexplainable things can happen. A ghost, haunting, sensing something otherworldly, feeling someone else's emotions, or a vision that comes true minutes later, can leave you going "What in the world was that?" Well, that's what I aim to help you understand with this podcast.


No matter your question or experience, this podcast welcomes your story without judgment, but with plenty of validation, and if you just need to figure out how to reach your highest spirit self, I can help you with that too.


If you would like to share your story or ask a question click the Send Us Your Story link or email us at You can even send us an audio file.


The Haunted Ride is now on Patreon! If you would like to be a key contributor in helping to support and shape this podcast for the future, then please hop over to our patreon site!


Due to the number of emails I've received asking for paranormal and/or spiritual advice, I have decided to start offering it as a service! If you're interested head on over to our store, review and purchase the service that best fits your needs, and I will email you promptly to assist you.