Skull Symbolism

Recently during a lecanomancy session I saw a skull. Seeing a skull might scare you as it is so closely related with death, but that is not all it’s related too. Much like the Death card in tarot readings it doesn’t have to be bad or negative, instead it can be a beautiful thing.

When you break down our thoughts on death or the grim reaper, what do you think of? It means that our time is over, that there is a transitioning period into the divine. However we can create these transitions in our every day lives. 

If you leave a career to pursue something else, that is a death of sorts. There is a period of time, transition, a concentration and focus needed on your part and others to make the transition successful. You are initiated into a new group of people whom you create new relationships with. All of these things are a rebirth after the death of your previous career, but they’re not bad or negative. They’re meant to make you flourish. They help you create a new sense of peace and freedom within your work life, and that is all of the magic behind the skull. 

Now, when seeing the skull this transition is meant to be spiritual. It’s meant to say you are in the right place right now to receive the energies you need to transcend. It’s tapping into the omniscient energy that surrounds us every day. It’s you initiating and strengthening the bond between yourself and the universe, being guided to follow your right path.

So next time you see it, don’t be scared. It’s a good and powerful symbol. You’re doing some amazing work on yourself, so keep it up!


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