Paranormal Advice


Paranormal Advice PA-1333

If you have a paranormal experience and would like to see if I can assist you, this is the service for you.

What to expect: At the time of purchase, I will send you an email to initiate our conversation. Please be as detailed as possible in your response in order for me to assist you as accurately as I can.

The Paranormal Advice Service includes advice on one (1) paranormal experience utilizing resources such as:

    • Knowledge sharing and general recommendations
    • Use of my spiritual abilities
    • Divination

It does not include:

    • Mediumship or purposeful contact of spirits or any other entity at any time
    • Cleansings
    • Multiple paranormal experience guidance
    • Visitations, phone calls, or any contact outside of email.
    • Names of groups or specific individuals to contact for further guidance, only titles such as paranormal investigators, psychics, clairvoyants, reiki healers, and shamans unless otherwise stated.
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