A podcast to help you embrace all of the paranormal and spiritual things that may happen throughout this journey we call life. Melissa shares her experiences with ghosts, demons, angels, hauntings, possessions, attachments, aliens, and cryptids, as well as what it's like to be a psychic, medium, empath, intuitive, and how to listen to messages from the universe.

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EP – 54 Be Careful What You Wish For | Spirituality, Psychic, Universe

This week’s episode is all about listening to the signs. They are constantly around us….Read more

EP – 53 The Watcher | Paranormal, Ghost Stories, Shadow Man

Hello to all of you spooky souls!

Stories in this week’s episode…Read more

EP – 52 Halloween Live Show | Paranormal, Supernatural, Cryptid

This week’s episode is the audio from our live show! It was so much fun,…Read more


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